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Yellow Group

Age Range: 7-12 year olds
Practice Time: 1 hour
Attendance Requirements: 3 days per week
Meet Requirements: Must Attend all Team Meets

Ability Level Required

  1. Knowledge of all 4 strokes (free, back, breast, and fly)
  2. Ability to swim all 4 strokes with proper/good technique
  3. Must be able to complete a 50 free in a reasonable time with a flip turn
  4. Must know backstroke flag count

Group Goals

  1. Learn how to use a pace clock
  2. Further Stroke development by using advanced stroke drills
  3. Begin the first stages of an Aerobic Base
  4. Starting Endurance Training
  5. Learn and Perfect Back, Breast, and Fly turns
  6. Learn Underwater kicking for fly and back
  7. Perfect Racing start for all 4 strokes

Training Goals

  1. Competition in all 4 strokes in the 50 yard distance
  2. Competition in Free, Back, and Breast at the 100 yard distance

Practice Schedule

  • Monday - Friday: 5:00pm - 6:00pm