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Group Fitness

I LOVE Pam's work out classes!!! I feel like I get what I came for EVERY time I go!! Keep her for a LONG time!! :)

Good Afternoon,
- Randell Helfin

I am a member of the Downtown Elmwood Fitness center and I'd just like to take a moment of your time to acknowledge one of your outstanding instructors. I am not a workout junkie by any means but due to the wonderful personality and "go to it spunk" of Sherian I've been able to achieve both better health and a fun outlook on exercise. I know her days are long and hard but you would never know the way she goes through her classes. I never thought I would continue to use my membership as I do, kickboxing is favorite. Once again, thanks for Sherian and thank you for your time.
- Barbara

Courtney is a very good spinning instructor. I am not alone in this opinion. My brother, as well as several other classmates, have repeatedly commented that we really enjoy her classes & think she's one of the best instructors here at Elmwood, Harahan.
- Royd Anderson