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I am an 88 yr old WWII War Veteran. Since that time I have had my right kidney removed and in presently existing with a left kidney that is 38% effective. Iíve had bladder cancer and cleared after many chemical treatments and two operations. I have type II Diabetes since 1923 that left me with neuropathy in legs, feet and hands, and severe pains throughout my entire body.

After the death of my wife about a year ago my body seemed to quit functioning properly. I was suddenly becoming a candidate for a wheelchair. At that time primary my physician, Dr. Nona Epstein of Ochsner recommended Aquatic Aerobics at Elmwood.

After a month or so of these sessions at Elmwood my body seemed to function again. My pain, which I experienced throughout my entire body lessened and almost disappeared after a few weeks. I am no longer wake up with severe cramps in my legs and unable to walk until I sat at the edge of my bed to allow my body to stabilize. My sleeping also became normal again. Iím afraid to miss these sessions because I now know what will happen. A few weeks ago I accidently fell and was forced to miss a couple of weeks of these sessions. Lo and behold my pre-Elmwood conditions re appeared full force.

I pray that I will be able to continue these fabulous sessions. I will also try to encourage many friends to participate in this fine program of Senior Program.

At this time Iíd like to thank Dr. Nona Epstein and all of my excellent instructors at Elmwood.

THANK YOU Cindy, Liz and Darlene

Arthur Arceneaux

I will be 89 years old on July 25th and have been a 4 days a week participant in the Elmwood Fitness Center programs since following recovery from a stroke in 2004. More recently I participate in more water aerobics classes (twice a week). The exercises have strengthened my limbs.

I also enjoy socializing with other participants who are pleasant and friendly. I look forward to interacting with them throughout the week.

Overall, the Elmwood Fitness Center activities allow me to be more flexible, and independent at home.

H.M.K. Amen