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Meet Our Dietitians

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Molly Kimball, RD, CSSD
Alexis Weilbaecher, RD
Sue Breaux, RD, LDN  
Rebecca Miller, MPH, RD



Eat Fit NOLA:  Where Nutritious Meets Delicious!!

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Individual Consultations

When you meet with an Elmwood nutritionist, you won't get a "one-size-fits-all" meal plan that may not work with your lifestyle. Molly, Alexis & Rebecca develop individually-tailored plans to help clients attain their fitness and nutrition goals. They incorporate their clients' favorite foods and restaurants so that it's not a diet - it's a nutrition program that fits your lifestyle. They will help you determine appropriate calorie ranges, as well as optimal ratios of carbohydrates, protein and fat. They also follow up with clients as needed for fine-tuning or evaluation.

Reduce Body Fat
Nutrition program developed to help you shed excess body fat, while maintaining optimal energy levels and lean mass. A 90-minute initial nutrition consultation includes setting realistic goals based on level of body fat, physical status and exercise regime, as well as current eating patterns.

Increase Lean Mass
Nutrition program designed to help you increase muscle mass while maintaining or decreasing fat mass. A 90-minute initial nutrition consultation includes setting realistic goals of muscle gain, based on current eating patterns and training program.

Lifestyle Management
Nutrition program designed to maximize nutrient intake for optimal health. Help increase energy and stamina, improve cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and enhance overall wellness.

Sports Performance
Nutrition program designed to optimize an athlete's fuel intake to enhance sports performance. Initial nutrition consultation includes thorough evaluation of current daily intake, as well as food and drink consumed before, during, and after training.

Nutritional Supplementation
Develop an individually tailored supplement protocol to help you meet your fitness goals. Learn what your body actually needs, instead of spending money on products that may not be beneficial.

Kids & Family
Elmwood's nutrition team works with kids and families to develop nutritious balanced menu options that incorporate kids preferences as well as the family dynamics, accommodating the demands of the entire family's tastes, preferences, and schedules. 

Nutrition Seminars

Elmwood Fitness Center dietitians offer nutrition seminars and workshops for organizations looking to empower and educate their employees and members.  Click here to download our Corporate Nutrition Brochure.

Restaurant Consulting

From recipe analysis to menu development, Elmwood Fitness Center dietitians collaborate with area restaurants to help provide better-for-you food and drink that seamlessly fit into the theme of their menu.


Monthly Specials

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