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Ochsner's After Burn Fitness Program


Revolutionize your workout!

  • Our intervals are created to continue burning calories, increasing energy, and improving strength even days AFTER each session.
  • Each 45-minute high-intensity session is designed for one thing....RESULTS
  • Heart-monitored to offer you you real-time interaction
  • Led by certified and energetic personal trainers
  • Designed for all fitness levels to achieve more in less time
  • Diverse equipment such as, battle ropes, slam balls, rowers, plyo-boxes and more to reach optimal fitness goals

Call 504.733.1600 for more information. 

Member Costs:

  • $59.00/month unlimited
  • $17.50 per class
  • Six class package: $90.00

Non-Member Costs:

  • $22.50 per class
  • Six class package: $120.00